Oil With Sulfur

Active Sulfur Additives (Staining to Copper Alloys)

Primarily Stainless and General Machining

 EP TypeEP LevelAdvantageLookWork Material
Sulfo Cut 1SulfurMediumEconomicalDarkFerrous
Sulfo Cut 8SulfurLowEconomicalDarkFerrous
Sulfo Cut 300Sulfur/ChloroMediumTool Life/FinishDarkFerrous
Sulfo Cut 485SulfurHighTool Life/FinishDarkFerrous
Transul Cut Base 56SulfurVery HighEconomicalDarkFerrous
Transul Cut Base 81SulfurVery HighEconomicalDarkFerrous
Transul Cut 711Sulfur/ChloroLowEconomicalDarkFerrous
Transul Cut 722Sulfur/ChloroLowEconomicalAmberFerrous
Transul Cut 785SulfurLowLow OdorAmberFerrous
Transul Cut CPVCSulfur/PolymerMediumPVC and SteelsAmberPVP Pipe/Ferrous
Transul Cut Gun Drill 1Sulfur/ChloroMediumTool Life/FinishAmberFerrous/Non Ferrous
Transul Cut Gun Drill 1 CFSulfur/PolymerMediumTool Life/FinishAmberFerrous/Non Ferrous

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