History & Heritage

Jeff Garratt, President, and Matt Garratt, Executive Vice-President of Garratt Callahan Company

History & Heritage, G-C Lubricants Company

Our company was originally a branch of Ace Lube Oil out of Minneapolis.  We trace our beginnings as G-C Lubricants to Garratt Callahan, a family-owned company that has been in business for over 100 years with corporate headquarters in Burlingame CA.  Garratt Callahan acquired Ace Lube Oil in 1979, at which time Ace Lube had bought out local competitor Bay Side Oil. In 1981 G-C Lubricants Company was spun off from Garratt Callahan as an independent business and moved to San Carlos CA. All manufacturing is done at the facility in San Carlos where it continues to operate today while enjoying the on-going stewardship and resources of The Garratt Callahan Company.

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